Romina Eugenio – Personal Trainer in Fort Worth

My fitness journey started in 2018. I used to be that girl that used to be able to eat whatever she wanted and not gain weight… Well, in 2017 that caught up to me and I ended up being the biggest I’d ever been. I got help from my cousin who’s a trainer and my love fitness just grew as I became more confident in my own skin. I wanted to share this feeling with others which is what got me to pursue personal training. The feeling of helping others also become comfortable in their own skin is just truly rewarding. I now just want to grow and continue learning, not only for myself but for my (future) clients.

Sarah Ruiz – Personal Trainer in Fort Worth

As a fitness professional of 6+ years, I look forward to helping my clients adapt fitness as part of their lifestyle. Through discipline, consistency and patience my clients learn to not only reach their fitness and health goals but they also learn to not live without it.
If you are looking for an accountability coach and mentor, then I’m the person for you. Let me help you live your life to its fullest potential!

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Hi! I’m Sebastian and I specialize in helping clients create a program and structure to reach they’re fitness goals. I’m very thorough and detailed in my sessions and will teach you as much as I can.
Reach out to me on instagram or through my phone number for inquiries

Sol Mendez – National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Hi everyone, my name is Sol Mendez, I graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in Psychology and received my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I decided to become a personal trainer to help people obtain confidence and improve their mental and emotional health while improving their physical health as well. Coming from a family that suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure along with being overweight most of my life led me to make a change in my life to become a healthier more powerful version of myself. This journey has taught me so much about the power can unlock when we set our minds and heart to something. I hope to be able to make this impact on others and help them reach their full potential while becoming more confident and happier.

Tiany Vargas – Personal Trainer in Fort Worth

Hi my name is Tiany! I’ve been a group fitness instructor & personal trainer for 6 years now. I fell in love with fitness in high school & went on to join my college track & field team as a javelin thrower. My time as a college athlete & passion for fitness led me to a career in the fitness industry. I’m very grateful to be able to call this my career! I focus on teaching kickboxing (Muay Thai), strength, and conditioning training. My passion is to help people make healthy living part of their lifestyle & fall in love with fitness! Come train with me!

Tiffany Raulston – Personal Trainer in Fort Worth

Hi I’m Tiff!

I’m a personal trainer at Self Made Training Facility in Chino hills. My primary focus is to help you meet your initial goals and to help ensure you develop healthy habits to keep you on track for the long term. With my guidance you will build a healthy relationship with nutrition and fitness. With healthy habits established this new lifestyle won’t have to feel like a chore. I look forward to making your workouts and our time together an enjoyable and fun experience.

I am a fitness professional with experience in weightlifting, weight loss and nutrition.
I offer meal plans, personal training, online training and workout planning to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

If you are looking into getting started on your own fitness or health journey, there is no better time than now! I’m here to help.

Valeria Martin – Fort Worth Personal Trainer

Empowering girls to believe in themselves and their abilities, both mentally and physically. Helping them to achieve their fitness goals and reach new heights in their self-confidence and self-care.